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Our story

Our founder was initially introduced to CBD oil as a wellness supplement when it was recommended for his son, who suffered from both anxiety and insomnia, and his daughter struggling with fibromyalgia, a painful condition.

After sourcing expensive CBD oils from abroad, both were delighted by the results, that surpassed their expectations.

The journey


As a parent though, he was always concerned that it was easy to buy from Amazon, or a 3rd party reseller that made claims about the level of CBD in the oil and had no independent lab report to substantiate this.  Additionally, even if the level of CBD, or THC was correct, they could be ingesting a product that contains pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and heavy metals.


The destination

The CBD market is not due to be licenced by the Food Standards Agency until March 2021, so is currently open for products to be fake, unsafe or not containing the ingredients specified. At this point, the quest was on to find genuine and safe CBD products that were independently lab tested that he felt happy as a parent to purchase.

Having explored what is available, and compiled a “safe” list, SpecialityCBD evolved from a personal experience of the potential benefits of CBD oil, and the desire to offer established brands from a specialist supplier, that carry lab reports.

SpecialityCBD only offers safe, organic and fully tested CBD products.  All our organic whole-plant based oils contain no THC and are fully legal to use in the UK.  Our products are 100% grown free of pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and heavy metals with the added benefit of solvent free product extraction.

Additionally, all the products that we sell are full spectrum hemp oils, which allows you to benefit from the necessary phytocannabinoids to enhance your well-being.

We specialise in CBD edibles that are discrete, convenient and tasty, to deliver the numerous health benefits of CBD as part of your daily diet and routine, and are constantly searching for new and exciting products to make your CBD journey more fun !

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